The Driving Ultimate Project Performance or DUPP Methodology is a proven, four-step project performance enhancement methodology. We have presented the methodology’s concepts to PMI Chapters in the U.S. and have received great reviews.

Unlike other project management tools, DUPP improves project performance by focusing on the Project’s most important asset…the Project Manager.

The DUPP Methodology was developed specifically to systematically help Project Managers assess their current project leadership strengths and weaknesses and identify any gaps that may exist. In most cases, such gaps are preventing them and their projects from performing at peak or ultimate levels. Closing these gaps can significantly improve overall project performance and enhance career opportunities. LEARN MORE and BOOK YOUR “LIVE” VIRTUAL SPEAKER HERE.


We are long-time leadership practitioners, who have experienced what it is like to personally manage major projects within Fortune 100 and Mid-market companies, to supervise & coach new and experienced project management professionals and to work with project managers and other Project Professionals of big five consulting firms during major technology and system implementations.

For over 25 years, we have confidentially coached and assisted hundreds of public and private sector professionals in developing valuable leadership skills and reaching career goals. We now offer two new, wisdom-packed, instructional books and a newinnovative, self-paced Leadership Development Program designed to successfully coach the participant through a life changing transformation from “Project Manager” to “Project Leader”.

Together, these new professional offerings provide easily accessible and practical opportunities for Project and Management Professionals to take control of their professional leadership development, learn to “think like a leader” and gain access to quality training and coaching. Our engaging books and programs have successfully provided incredibly valuable, real time results for both experienced and aspiring Project Professionals and Functional Business Managers.

The Official Leadership Checklist and Diary For Project Management Professionals

This new book is an innovative and powerful guide that offers Project Management Professionals, Project Managers, Project Consultants and Business Managers a contemporary and unique platform to help them immediately and significantly enhance their leadership presence and influence on any type or size project.

The book contains an insightful and concise introduction to the “Seven Habits of Successful Project Leaders”, a set of Project Leadership Checklists and a confidential Project Leadership Diary. 

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Driving Ultimate Project Performance

Transforming From Project Manager to Project Leader

We are excited about our new, ground-breaking Leadership Development Program. Driving Ultimate Project Performance has been mindfully and  specifically designed for you – the successful Project Management Professional  or Functional Business Manager who desire the opportunity to significantly improve your leadership skills and leadership performance by participating in a professional, provenstate-of-the-art and self-paced  Leadership Development Program.

The Driving Ultimate Project Performance self-paced, development program is anchored around a new, comprehensive and contemporary Workbook and Coaching Guide.

After years of research and private career coaching, Earl and Jim spent the past few years collaborating, designing, writing and testing the 240-page Workbook and Coaching Guide. The innovative and easily comprehensible book has been extensively edited by a Coaching Professional certified by the International Coach Federation — the leading global coaching organization and professional association for coaches.

All registered Program Participants will be provided up to three months of professional coaching which includes virtual discussions, real-time program progress feedback and specially developed, web-based presentations to enhance their experience. Telephone and Skype conference calls with their coach are also available.

The Driving Ultimate Project Performance Workbook and Coaching Guide includes over 30 exclusive, thought-provoking developmental exercises. It is designed to coach the Program Participant through a Four-Step leadership development process. The process is designed to build a transformation foundation, significantly enhance leadership skills and  professionally lead the Program Participant through the construction of a Ten-Point Transformation Action Plan. The systematic execution of the detailed, individualized Action Plan will ensure that the Program Participant successfully completes his or her transformation from Project Manager to Project Leader.

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Project Leadership and Leadership Development

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