Praise for Earl Cobb and His Work

Acclaim for Earl Cobb and His Work

The Leadership Advantage serves as an evaluative guidepost for aspiring and seasoned professionals seeking to increase their engagement and effectiveness as leaders. Dr. Rufus Glasper, Chancellor, Maricopa Community Colleges

I personally had the opportunity to see Earl Cobb grow over the years to become a Vice President of the company. To do this, he had to have all of the attributes to be a great leader. So he writes from experience. – Napoleon Hornbuckle, Corporate Vice President (Retired), Motorola

Mr. Cobb has captured the pure essence of Leadership in this work. His broad based experience guides his insight in every topical area.   – Albert L. McHenry, Ph.D. Vice President and Executive Vice Provost, Arizona State University

Earl Cobb has done it again with his new book, The Leadership Advantage. Earl is that rarest of authors. He writes with the power of someone who has been there. – Doug Russell, Vice President of Operations, Lean Leadership Institute

This is a great publication on leadership. The 10 attributes of should resonate with anyone who has a desire to leave a valued legacy of being an influence in business & society. I fully endorse this publication and believe it can change your life. – Morris Daniely, Director Quality Engineering, Honeywell Process Solutions, Global Technology Quality Assurance

Mr. Cobb is the walking definition of Leadership. Strong, Wise, and Dedicated are only a few words to describe his leadership abilities. I am a big fan of his work. — Cory Simpson, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

Earl Cobb has written a practical and insightful guide to mastering the leadership mindset. The Leadership Advantage transcends the business world and is useful in gaining a greater understanding and development of one’s own personal potential. - Michael Searles, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor, Georgia Regents University, Co-Editor of Buffalo Soldiers in the West

The Leadership Advantage takes the reader “step by step” through the 10 most important goals for anyone striving to become better.      – Sally Wurr, President, SW Insurance Corp and SW Ventures Group

Earl Cobb’s Absolute Attributes belong on every leader’s desk. Read this book, embrace the message and become the leader you can be.   - Jim Grigsby, President/CEO, Jim Grigsby Consulting, Author of Don’t Tick Off the Gators

The Leadership Advantage: Do More, Lead More, Earn More, is a great book. A must read book for both men and women alike who are looking to be better than they are, greater than they are and accomplish more than they ever thought possible. Read this book and the world will open up for you. - Tony Rose, Publisher, Amber Books, Author of America: The Black Point of View

Interesting and helpful. I would like all of my brokers to read it.             –Ann Anovitz, Chairman, Ann Anovitz Associates, Commercial Real Estate

Entrepreneurs, who want to start, sustain and scale their businesses, should read Earl Cobb’s book. - Franne McNeal, President, Significant Business Results, LLC, Author of Significant! From Frustrated to FranneTastic

Earl Cobb provides an excellent overview of the key attributes of personal and professional leadership. From presence to focus to clarity, he outlines in a practical manner what leaders and those aspiring to become leaders can do to lead more and earn more by maximizing their Leadership Advantage. – Dr. Fay Cobb Payton, Associate Professor, Information Systems & Technology, NC State University and Author of Leveraging Intersectionality: Seeing and Not Seeing.

This book is written with such clarity and detail that anyone reading it and following Mr. Cobb’s advice is sure to make a successof them self in whatever venture they undertake. His wisdom, common sense and sincerity are projected all through the book.                            — Dr. Marilou McIntyre, Author/Publisher, Author of The Forever Principles: Listening to an Angel Voice in my Head

Earl Cobb nailed it on the head when he wrote: “presence is the radiance of authenticity”. From my very first contact with Mr. Cobb, I felt his strong presence, his earnestness and his strength as a leader. In his new book, The Leadership Advantage, Mr. Cobb does a remarkable job identifying and offering the reader the ten absolute attributes required for leadership and how to master them for oneself. His new book is not only authentic, it also radiates brilliance. A must read for anyone desiring to master leadership.                                   — Dr. Susan R. Cushing, DMD and Author of Fat No More! The Book of Hope for Losing Weight

Written from practical experience and success. An inspiration!              – Robert Bunnett, Senior Vice President of Innovation, SM&A

Mr. Cobb will take you on an amazing journey through leadership tenets. His work should be read by anyone aspiring to lead. Enhance your leadership quotient…enhance your life!— Kenneth Morton, Management Associate, Information Technology Senior Management Forum


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