Project Managers with Three to Five years of Work Experience

Project Managers with 3-5 years of Work Experience and Seeking Practical, Self-Guided Professional Growth in Project Leadership

Our experience and research tells us that many individuals currently employed as project management professionals emerged from technical, accounting and/or other functional areas. In general, they were chosen to manage projects because of their functional area expertise, project management training and/or their ability to successfully function within matrixed organizations. At some point within their successful careers as good project managers, they realize a need to enhance their interpersonal skills and become more effective project leaders — which requires specific training and skills beyond the tools and insights gained in traditional Project Management coursework. However, instead of one of the many academic approaches to general leadership development, they prefer a more practical, self-guided approach and are open to new, innovative methods to obtain real time improvement and results.

The Seven Habits of Successful Project Leaders approach to project leadership development, which anchors the book, provides a succinct and experienced-based summation of proven-successful project leadership attributes. Collectively, the Seven Habits offer a platform for significantly improving project leadership performance and overall project management success. Having the Seven Habits omnipresent in one’s leadership approach and the essence of each habit easily available in a small guidebook for frequent reference aids motivation, focus and comprehension.

The Leadership Checklist and Diary provides this group of project professionals with an innovative, ready to use tool to aid in ensuring that the proper attention to detail is provided to the leadership aspects of a particular project during each project phase. With one Checklist and Diary for each project and the proper level of commitment to its use, the tool can become an invaluable project and professional development aid.

Practice does not guarantee perfection. However, the repetition gained from using the Leadership Checklist and Diary as a tool on various projects can help develop good project leadership habits and accelerate the gain of project leadership wisdom which, in general, takes the average project manager years to acquire.

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