Successful Project Managers

Successful Project Managers Seeking a New, Practical and Self-Guided Method to Help Them Instantly Increase Their Leadership Influence and Presence on Major Projects

Sometimes during job transitions and/or career change even seasoned and successful Project Managers come to realize a need to enhance their interpersonal skills and become more effective project leaders.

At later stages in a project professional’s career, academic approaches to general leadership skills may be more easily accessible through formal graduate studies. However, finding the time and resources to make such a major addition to one’s daily professional and personal life may not be practical. For this group of professionals who prefer a more practical, self-guided approach to project leadership develop and are open to new, innovative methods to obtain real time improvement and results, The Official Leadership Checklist and Diary for Project Management Professionals can be just the answer by offering an opportunity to take action now and to quickly enhance their project management toolkit.

For Project Managers with 3-5 years of Experience

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Project Leadership and Leadership Development

For Project Management Professionals