The Official Leadership Checklist and Diary

“Think of The Official Leadership Checklist and Diary as your personal brain catalyst, a handy guide containing thought provoking reminders to keep the leadership aspects of your project on track.”

Designed to be a Leadership Enhancing Complement to the preeminent global standard for project management as set forward in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®)

The book is an innovative and powerful guide that offers Project Management Professionals, Project Managers, Project Consultants and Business Managers a contemporary and unique platform to help them significantly enhance their leadership presence and influence on any type or size project.

The book contains an insightful and concise introduction to the Seven Habits of Successful Project Leaders, a set of Project Leadership Checklists and a confidential Project Leadership Diary.

The Leadership Checklist contains reassuring affirmations of specific actions that should be taken during project performance to increase your leadership presence and influence. Consulting the Leadership Checklist frequently can help keep you focused and mentally locked in on the leadership aspects of your project.

We have designed this book to be a leadership enhancing complement to the preeminent global standard for project management as set forward in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®).

Editorial Reviews

“The book is the consummate guide for PMP professionals to employ and deploy successful project leadership strategies. Most publications focus on the technical aspects of project management while giving little attention to the leadership aspects. This practical guide is a thought provoking resource for project leaders that will enhance project outcomes.” — Anthony V. Junior, Ph.D., MBA, PMP, Principal, Strategic Consulting Network, LLC

“Earl Cobb, well-known for helpful, concise business leadership books, has done it again. This time Earl has turned his attention to the world of Project Management, successfully showing PMP’s good leadership principles.”Doug Russell, PMP, Financial Counselor and Coach

“This book is salient and concise with on point illustrations. It details the difference in skills separating project management from leadership. That leadership is what results in successful project outcomes.” — Ronald V McBean, Sr. President, Realm Information Technologies

“The Official Leadership Checklist and Diary is an excellent resource for leaders at all levels, including project leaders. The book’s excellent, highly practical content is simple, straightforward, based on the real world and forever relevant. A great personal, professional and organizational investment!” —  Dan Nielsen, Retired Healthcare CEO Founder/CEO/Publisher of America’s Healthcare Leaders

“Over my career in Healthcare Financial Management, I have led or managed hundreds of large and complex projects, sometimes with the help of Jim Grigsby. I have always found Jim to be the most organized person on the project. Now I know why! I found the Leadership Checklist and Diary to be right on the mark! I applied some of the principles on a current project as I was reading. The 7 Habits sizzle with common sense. This book has earned a permanent place in my ‘toolbox.” — John Midolo Managing Partner RCM Strategies

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